Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program is composed of subjects in accounting ( financial, public, managerial), audit, administration, business laws and taxation. Its primary focus is not limited to business subjects, but to other fields as well, such as banking and finance, government, social services, education, and more. The program also teaches students to integrate information technology concepts into business systems, in order to create a more systematic and organized way of storing business related data. As a student, you will be taught computerized accounting systems, and basic understanding of computer programming and auditing systems. The program also instills in students the importance of computational and communication skills both in written and oral English.The BS Accounting program is taught in a variety of teaching methods such as case analysis, individual and group reports, simulations, classroom discussions and guest lecturers. It also includes extensive exposures to business immersions (an internship where there is a probability that the company will hire/absorb you after graduation) and an on-the-job training that will provide you with the understanding of practical accountancy.

Career opportunities for BSA graduates

Jobs for licensed CPAs (board exam passers)

  • Entry Level jobs
      • Accounting Associate – support senior level accountants and auditors with administrative, bookkeeping, clerical, accounts payable and accounts receivable duties.
      • Audit/Tax staff – perform internal audits and they are also hired by the IRS and other governmental agencies to ensure that the company is abiding by financial laws and regulations.
      • Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff – manage or give advice on finances for clients or companies. Accounting staffs handle duties such as making bills are paid on time and taxes are deducted, and suggest methods of cutting costs.
      • State Accounting Examiner/ State Accountant/ LGU accountant – government accountants help the federal government as well as state and local agency record and prepare financial reports in accordance with government accounting principles and professional standards.
      • Budget analyst – aids federal authorities in evaluating budget data, estimating revenue and expense levels, and adjusting social programs.
      • Junior Accounting Instructor – a CPA who teaches at a university or college
  • Mid-Level Positions
      • Audit Manager – supervise the activities of an audit department. This department ensures that financial reports comply with policies, laws and regulations.
      • Comptroller – comptroller supervises income and expenditures, keeping track of all in-going and outgoing money
      • Senior Auditor – responsible for analyzing and communicating financial information; reviews the operations of a company making sure that they comply with corporate and government policies.
      • Senior Fraud Examiner – an expert in fraud investigation as well as in its prevention and deterrence.
      • Financial Services Manager – supervises financial services sales representatives or associates and ensures they meet business performance requirements (sales quotas). A financial services manager may work for an insurance company, an investment bank or a mutual fund.
      • Senior Consultant – evaluates a company’s internal processes and procedures, detects performance (productivity) levels and provides recommendations for improvement.
      • Financial Advisor – gain and retain clients with excess money to invest.
      • Chief Financial Officer – responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an entire company.Advanced Positions
      • Vice President For Finance – highest level finance expert within a business.

Jobs for Non Board Passers

  • Bank Teller – handles basic money deposits, withdrawals and check-cashing transactions.
  • Accounting Clerk – keeping financial records and making computations throughout the course of a typical workday
  • Assistant Product Manager – works under the leadership of a product manager, assisting in the development of corporate brand strategies in the short term and long term.
  • Data Entry Operator/Clerk – responsible for supplying accurate documentation that may be part of a billing, patient, inventory or customer service capacity
  • Financial Advisor