Student Organization and Activities

The College recognizes the importance of developing creative and responsible student leaders who will occupy the helm of leadership in their chosen fields of endeavour. For this purpose, it seeks to encourage the formation of student groups that aim to pursue clearly established common objectives geared toward the social, cultural, religious, literary, educational, and recreational aspects of student development.

General Policies

    • The Dean of Student Affairs shall have the authority and responsibility to supervise and regulate the establishment and operations of all duly accredited student organizations with guidance and support for the development of their respective potentials and efforts toward the attainment of the goals and objectives they have set themselves to achieve.
    • The Dean of Student Affairs shall meet with each Student Organization at least once every semester to discuss its current programs or projects, problems, as well as plans for the future, and to assure the attainment of its goals or objectives.
    • All student organizations are encouraged to engage in the creative planning and implementation of activities that promote the professional, social, cultural, and spiritual welfare of their respective members.
    • Should any conflict arise between members of a student organization, or between members of different student organizations, and where no resolution to the issue can be reached, the Dean of Student Affairs shall provide for compulsory arbitration and render a decision deemed appropriate. In such case, the Dean’s decision is final and executor.
    • Before undertaking any activity, including regular meetings and fund raising schemes, a student organization shall seek the approval or permission of the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. Written requests for approval of any activity must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs in duplicate copies at least five (5) days before the actual date of such activity.Any student organization granted approval to hold activities outside the School, must ensure the attendance of the faculty adviser/s for the duration of the activity.Disapproval of any activity shall be a prerogative reserved to the Dean of Student Affairs specifically, if such activity violates any school policy, rule or regulation set forth by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.No student organization may schedule any activity one week before a major examination.
    • The recognition or accreditation of a student organization is a pre-condition for is operation in the College. All student organizations must be registered with the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs before they can officially function either inside or outside the College.
    • All applications for accreditation or re-accreditation of student organizations must be filed at the Office of the Dean Student Affairs and approved by the College President.
    • Any accreditation or re-accreditation given by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs to a student organization shall be effective for the entire school year.
    • The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs shall strictly enforce the deadline set for the submission of application for accreditation or re-accreditation.
    • Applicants for recognition shall be accomplish annually.
    • A Certificate of recognition shall be issued by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs to a student organization only upon its full compliance with the requirements prescribed in this manual. The certificate shall be effective and valid only for one school year.The Dean of Student Affairs may revoke the recognition or accreditation granted to a student organization if it violates its statement of purposes and/or its Constitution according to the findings of an investigation by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and the Supreme Student Council.
    • All duly accredited or recognized student organization are entitled to certain rights and privileges and are, likewise, obliged to conform to institutional policies and school rules and regulations.
    • If a student organization fails to renew its Certificate of Recognition within the prescribed period of time, it shall be considered dissolved, thereby losing all its rights and privileges as a duly recognized student organization.
    • Except for the membership fees, no student organization may make any collection or fund solicitation for any of its activities or projects without the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs.
    • A student organization must immediately report to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs any changes in its organizational structure.
    • Induction rites of any student organization must be conducted within the school campus, unless otherwise decided by the Dean of Student Affairs.

No induction rites may be conducted until the student organization has been duly accredited or re-accredited. The presence of the organization’s faculty adviser/s during the induction rites is required.

    • No student organization shall be allowed to use any of the school’s classrooms or facilities without the written approval of the Property Custodian. Any request for the use of the school’s classroom of facilities shall be made through the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
    • At the end of each school year, each student organization shall submit to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs a report of its accomplished activities and financial statement by the organization’ president and attested to by its faculty adviser.
    • Any student organization which fails to undertake or accomplish any of its proposed activities shall be dissolved.
    • The College strictly prohibits the conducts by any student organization of initiation rites involving undue body contact, hazing, physical pain or injury, or subjecting a neophyte to perform an act that undermines human dignity. A violation of this provision shall serve as basis for the revocation of the organization’s permit to operate and disciplinary actions against those officers and/or members involved.