Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program prepares students to be IT professionals who are able to perform installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration of computer applications. The goal of the program is to gear up students as “information technologists” who can assist individuals and organizations in solving problems using information technology (IT) techniques.

The BSIT program equips students with the basic ability to conceptualize, design and implement software applications. It also provides experience in the development of office support (word processing, spreadsheet, database and accounting), intranet and internet and specialized professional software (multi-media, website development and eCommerce). It also offers background in mathematical and computing principles.

Career Option/Opportunities 

  • Applications Developer – designs, develops and implements specific software codes that enables computer systems to perform a variety of tasks; they are the ones who translate business requirements into technology terms to satisfy a client’s specification through technologically enabled means.
  • Database Administrator – creates effective methods to organize, track and store information for businesses and organizations; they are responsible in safeguarding computer database
  • Technical Support Specialist – assists customers in troubleshooting computer systems; they may provide instructions over the telephone or assist the customer in person
  • Test Engineer – responsible in testing software applications and programs for organizations prior to releasing it into the market
  • Web Administrator/ Web Master – maintains client’s websites by writing computer codes and updating links to other websites
  • Web Developer – creates computer languages ranging from HTML to more complicated scripting languages that makes use of databases
  • Network Administrator – keeps network functioning at optimal levels; they also support hardware and software applications that are part of the network
  • Information Technology instructor – teaches students on computer skills, internet use and digital technology
  • Information Security Administrator – they are responsible in implementing softwares to protect important data stored in computers to be tampered or stolen; they also make sure that system backups are in place as well as create recovery procedures in times where critical information is lost
  • Network Engineer – designs, installs and supports computer systems in an organization
  • Systems Analyst – analyzes data processing problems and provides solutions by programming software changes, implementing software upgrades or developing new programs